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Electricity is where infrared thermography is used the most. Thermography enables the integrity of all types of electrical systems to be checked. Electricity is a form of energy that is converted to heat. Any flaw or defect may sometimes result even in fires. Infrared thermography is a contact-free method that proves highly effective when done properly. It will detect even the smallest level of abnormal heating long before it results in a flaw, a breakage or even a fire.


Whether for fire safety or preventive maintenance, infrared thermography of electricity distribution networks aboard ships helps detect faults such as unbalanced phases, loose connections, overloading of circuits, premature aging of components, etc.

6,600-volt bow thrusters connections

thermographie-infrarouge-Electricity thermographie-infrarouge-Electricity

Defective emergency batteries

thermographie-infrarouge-Electricity thermographie-infrarouge-Electricity


The use of infrared thermography for checking electricity distribution networks in industry is aimed primarily at maintaining active production while detecting problems, thereby avoiding unplanned stoppages before they occur. This provides for more effective planning of maintenance and less lost production. Also, this type of verification often leads to lower insurance premiums; check with your broker.

Loose connections on 600-volt switch fuses

thermographie-infrarouge-Electricity thermographie-infrarouge-Electricity


Checking electricity distribution networks by infrared thermography for businesses and offices is very useful for keeping equipment in good operating order and for detecting probably causes of fire. In addition, this type of verification often leads to lower insurance premiums; check with your broker.

Premature wear and tear on the connection of a 600-volt circuit-breaker

thermographie-infrarouge-Electricity thermographie-infrarouge-Electricity

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