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The use of infrared thermography in building is the best known application of all. Good insulation of the outside walls of buildings ensures conservation of the energy spent in heating or cooling them – far from negligible, considering the amounts that go into conditioning our homes and other structures. Thermography provides for the detection of heat loss, air infiltrations, insulation flaws, water infiltrations, floor heating, etc.… It should be noted that each case is different, depending on the type of construction, the type of defect, indoor/outdoor conditions, the weather, and so on.

Water infiltration

thermographie-infrarouge-Water-infiltration thermographie-infrarouge-Water-infiltration

In good conditions, thermography is an effective way of locating water leakage and the resulting water accumulation.



Based on the construction and the weather conditions during verification, the use of infrared thermography is an excellent tool for locating water leakage in a roof. It is also an excellent safety tool in roof membrane welding.


thermographie-infrarouge-Insulation thermographie-infrarouge-Insulation

thermographie-infrarouge-Insulation thermographie-infrarouge-Insulation

Building insulation is one of the best known applications of infrared thermography. Missing insulation, air infiltrations and heat bridges are located quickly with the right devices.

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